November 21, 2019

by Isabella Elmore

Every country has its situations and businesses that exist there should always stay prepared for the unexpected. Small businesses need more to be on their toes. From climate situations to political circumstances, everything becomes essential as it can affect an important activity.

Timely delivery of order is a vital thing to win more customers. You can surely understand the importance of this concern if you too have a business. If the delivery delay happens, you may face hugely big adversities.

We are living in a market economy. We cannot deny the fact that timeliness is a reliable tool to stay in the competition. Ireland is a moist place with an abundance of rainfall.  Besides, after the Brexit issue maybe not big but some effect is there on the political conditions.

A small business owner needs to think of all the stimulators that can cause a delay in the order. Then only it is possible to avoid such stressful circumstances. Here are some tips to solve the purpose.

1- Keep the time margin

You need to make sure that whenever you deliver, there should be ample time. At least 15 days margin should be there. It is always better to play safe and time is an essential factor in that. Last-minute chaos is not suitable for the well-being of your business. Your clients and customers will appreciate it if you take care of this factor.

2- Stay proactive, not reactive

In place of reacting to a situation, it is better to work on the preventive measures beforehand. You need to forecast the possible threats that can cause the delay. Work on them and tailor your delivery schedule accordingly. Learn from your experiences and prepare your future deliveries accordingly.

3- Back-up plans are always necessary

Despite the maximum preparations, situations sometimes act in their way. It is essential to have back-up plans to avoid a huge loss. For instance – if weather conditions can become the reason for any chaos, make necessary arrangements. The products should not get drenched. Also, if the days are hot, then ensure all safety measures if the stock contains highly inflammable things.

4- Do not forget to update your inventory

For sure, some of your products get more demand than the other ones. This means they go for delivery quite frequently. Always update your inventory with the adequacy of those products. It can be so annoying for you to get an order despite its insufficient stock. Some business persons even borrow funds to update inventory to prevent any chaos at the last moment. You can also do the same easily with the quick cash loans online in Ireland. They are available with 100% paperless procedures.

5- Keep your warehouse prepared

With time, you will start getting more orders. It is better to keep your warehouse prepared for bulk orders. According to the demand of the product, organize the stock. The most sought-after things should come first. Keep all the material necessary that is required to pack the order. Transportation should also be there to serve round-the-clock.

6- Employ telematics for long-distance delivery

Information technology is working in every field to make things easier, and small businesses are the beneficiaries. Telematics facilitates the long-distance transmission of information. It can help detect the exact location of the client. It can be extremely frustrating to lose the path and get lost in the maze of a crowded city or the outskirts of a location.

7- Get an automated Logistic Software

Automation is the new trend as well as the ritual of the business world. It is making daily tasks more comfortable than ever. Automated logistics software can help you avoid the possibilities of delivery. It determines which product will go for dispatch according to the order time. You do not need to check things repeatedly to see the date and type of product.


The actual message is there should be no place for carelessness as a precaution is better than regretful decisions. Small businesses are financially fragile, and they cannot afford delivery delays. Work on all preventive measures and stay on your toes. You may need to arrange some funds to make the necessary arrangements. You can borrow money in a short time from the direct lenders. They have a range of unsecured personal loans in Ireland to business loans.

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