May 27, 2019

by Isabella Elmore

We all aspire to live a life full of happiness, prosperity, and stability. Well, it may sound awkward but today, money plays a key role in all these three things. This is the harsh reality of this finance controlled world where people have somehow become slaves of money. Often, to meet a sudden financial need or to pay for any huge expenses, people borrow debts when they don’t have enough money in their pocket.

There is nothing wrong in taking debts and in fact, millions of people borrow when needed. But the problem arises when you have been procrastinating the amount you borrowed and have been paying up the instalment for a long period of time. Whether intentionally or not, but stretching a loan will have a serious impact on your financial life and in no time you will find yourself trapped in massive debt. Basically, the debt keeps on accruing if you don’t pay regularly.

Here, in this blog, we have prepared a list of reasons that would tell you why you are still stuck with your debt and what you need to do further. So, let us get started.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Stuck In Debt

1- Not knowing how much exactly you own

First and foremost, the biggest reason why many people are not able to get rid of the debt problem is that they have no idea how much exactly they owe. Well, this is not only limited to debts but applicable to everything. You cannot solve any problem if you know have no idea the root cause of it. Therefore, if you really want to get rid of the debts, then the first thing that you need to do is sit around a table with a pen and a notebook and figure out how much exactly you owe. After that only, you can come with an effective plan to get rid of it. If there are any small payments left, then you can opt for debt consolidation loans and use it to get rid of them.

2- Paying off but without a plan

Many people complain that they are paying still they are not able to free themselves from the debt. Well, the reason behind this is they are putting efforts but without having n plan. This is similar to heading somewhere not knowing the exact path. So, you need to formulate your strategy and come up with a killer plan that can help you finish all your debts quickly than ever. See how much part of your income you can contribute to your debt repayment and then implement your plan.

3- Overspending

 Another major reason why you are still fighting with your debt is your bad habit of overspending. Rushing to the mall just hearing the word “SALE, buying the latest gadgets launched in the market, booking movie tickets every month for the first-day show, and so on and on. The list might be very long, but the crux here is to point out that if you don’t control your urge for spending, you cannot end your debt. If you are among the people who exhaust their credit card just to satisfy their shopping need, then it’s time you take some initiative to get rid of it.

4- Biting more than you can chew down

When it comes to debts, people have no clue how much should they borrow. Whatever may be the need, try to borrow only what you can really afford. If there are expenses that you cannot meet and you are thinking of borrowing, then see how much exactly you want, there is no need to go more than what you require. As in the end, it will be you who will be paying the entire amount along with the interest. However, life is unpredictable and if you had to because of a financial emergency, then it’s not your fault this can happen to any of us.

5- Unemployment

Sudden loss of your job means no paycheck from next month and you will have to manage all your expenses including bills, rents, food, and other utilities all by your savings. Well, in such a tight situation, where you are even facing difficulties in managing the ends meet, paying your debts becomes a huge task. For this, you can take financial help from any financial institute. In this situation getting a loan from the bank would take some time or you might be even rejected if your credit score is affected due to the debts. However, there are other options too as there are well-reputed direct lenders in the market such as Quick Loansie, Chill Money and others from where you can get the best loans for debt consolidation. Wrapping up, these were the main reasons why people are still stuck in their debt. So, if you have some of these issues mentioned above with you, then it’s time that you start working on it.

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