August 27, 2019

by Isabella Elmore

Whether you want to buy a new house or need to do home improvement, borrowing has become a vital part of our finances nowadays. Many lenders exist at the financial marketplace of Ireland offering a wide range of personal loans and to help people meeting their personal ends. It is good that multiple loan options are available but at the same time, you have to pay the interest rates. Achieving low-interest rates is often easier for those people, who have good or fair credit scores. Problems do arise for those having poor credit scores, as they have to make extra efforts to calm down the interest rates while applying for the loans.

Credit utilization is the key factor in keeping your financial balance. The numbers are huge of those individuals, who fail to do so and later they feel regret for their actions taken before. If you are a smart borrower but having a poor credit score, you will understand how you manage the credit utilization and that would be prior to having bad credit loans on the instant decision in Ireland.

Before coming on this topic, let us discuss first how the interest rates are determined by certain factors.

First, borrowers’ credit scores and which sort of loan product that they want currently

Second, the impact of economic factors such as interest rate managed by the supreme financial authority like the Bank of Ireland or inflation in the country

As it can be seen that you do not have any control over the economic factors, but you certainly have authority on individual factors. If you are good to them, then achieving the low-interest rates would not be difficult for you.

4 Important Suggestions To Have Better Credit Utilisation

When you set the target of achieving low-interest rates on the loans, first of all, learn some tips to impress the lenders before going for borrowing option. To help you in this regard, here are some of them:

1- Reduce the LIMIT OF CREDIT CARD use. Yes, it is very important because the excessive use of the credit card can damage your credit score badly. According to the experts, people should use less than 25% of the provided credit if they want to enhance their credit ratings. And, once you are able to improve credit score, the chances of getting low-interest rates will come higher.

2- It is correct that lenders are offering loans with no credit check but you should KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE. For that, it is intrinsic for you to monitor your credit report on a regular basis. You can use various agencies, which provide your credit scores but they will ask for their fees. Proper knowledge of your credit score will help you to keep it in balance. Remember your credit report is your evidence of trustworthiness.

3- Improving credit utilization also demands NO PENDING BILLS. Try to utilize your monthly income as such from which you can easily bring out some money to make the payments. Alternatively, you can also opt for automatic payments offered by the companies or banks that will help you to not to lose the payment on time.

4- Another vital formula is to replace the use of credit card while making big purchases and it is better to SAVE MONEY for them. It is true that keeping the savings alongside regular and irregular expenses is very tough but still tries as much as possible for using minimum your credit card. You can also use your debit card instead of cash.

Organized Credit Utilisation Helps Unemployed People Too

Better finances mean better-balanced life. The thumb rule is that you should be precise to your decision in terms of earning and spending. However, tough situations like unemployment do halt your chances especially when you do not have in the name of savings to your bank account. In such circumstances, getting loans for unemployed in Ireland is like a big financial savior.

Again if we talk about the loans, the factor of a credit score will be taken into consideration. Unfortunately, the jobless tag against your name puts your negative impression in the lending market but taking out loans can help you a bit.

If you have been following well-organized credit utilization, then preventing much financial loss during unemployment would become easier for you. Surely, you will be making repayments through your extra or part-time earning but your better credit score will become the reason of getting guaranteed loan approval and that would be on low-interest rates. The main outcome of our discussion is that your single effort, like this time on better credit utilization, will bring out multiple favors for you. For example, you can get loans easily on affordable interest rates even if you are working as a full-time employee.

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